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What Everybody Ought to Know About the Bloom Technique

June 24th, 2013 | no comments

In the post “How to go from Dream to Destiny in 3 Easy Steps” the first thing I suggested was to “Bloom Where You’re Planted”. Some feel that their circumstance needs to be perfect before they start, or they’re just waiting for the right time or just a little more information and then they will begin. All of these reasons become excuses and hinder us from achieving our goals. Sure it seems logical at first, but when a year passes and you’re still in the same place, you have to start getting Real with yourself to start Walking in Your Destiny. Today I present to you 3 Solid (& Simple) Reasons why the “Bloom Where You’re Planted” Technique works, why it’s okay to incorporate in your life, and why you should have started YESTERDAY!


1) You get out of the Analysis Paralysis stage

I don’t know about you, but I used to over analyze everything. Sure a little analysis can be helpful. You can lay out your plans, think of the goal you’re working towards and ever think about the steps it’ll take to get there, the key is don’t get stuck there! There is a difference between setting a plan and belaboring an issue to the point of paralysis.

The reason why Bloom Where You’re Planted works is because you may not know the outcome or you may not know exactly how to get there, but when you start taking the first step, the answer will be revealed. Which brings us to our next point.


2) You Summon The Power of Action

Simply moving brings power to what you’re doing. When you move in the direction of your goal you send a message to the Universe that says, “Hey I’m serious about this” and as we’ve learned from the Paulo Cuelo book, The Alchemist, when you make your intentions clear by acting on them, “The Universe conspires in your favor,” to make sure your dream comes to fruition.

Do not be nervous if you don’t know all the steps to take from A to Z. Sometimes we get stuck because we feel like we have to know every single detail on how we are going to get to our destination, but knowing every detail is not necessary to take action Today! As Martin Luther King Jr. said “you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. You don’t need to have your dream planned out from start to finish; it’s sufficient to know where you can start today. Let’s not forget that you’re resilient and can figure things out as they arise. We tend to get tripped up more when we have a plan and things don’t go according to plan, than when we are allowing ourselves to live in the moment, follow our tuition and do what’s best in the present moment.

Now that you’ve moved from inaction to action and know that you don’t have to have ever detailed figured out before you move forward, you will then have…

3) No Excuses

 Once one incorporates the the Bloom Where You’re Planted ideology, you have no excuse NOT to start, Today! It’s not to say that you won’t come across obstacles, rather it’s acknowledging the fact that despite what ever comes up, you stay on your path, not giving the excuses any power. You keep moving towards your goal while you figure out how to conquer those (inevitable) obstacles in your way.

Your Turn:

In the comments below let me know the following 2 things:

  • What can you do today to begin to Bloom Where You’re Planted?
  • What issues come up that have prevented you in the Past from being able to Bloom?

I’d love to hear you thoughts.  We can also keep in touch via Twitter or by pressing the “like” button on the Facebook page.

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How To Go From Dream to Destiny in 3 Simple Steps: Part 1

May 20th, 2013 | 5 comments

How would you like to learn how to take that burning desire you have to change the world and make it a reality in just 3 simple steps?

Last week you read, “23 Destiny Discoverers Reveal How They Discovered Their Dreams & Began To Walk In Their Destiny“, where you were able to see story after story, proof that it is possible to make a seemingly impossible dream come true.

While I hope that you were able to draw insight and inspiration from their stories, I know there are a number of you out there saying, “That’s good for them, but I that won’t work for me for reasons X, Y & Z”. My goal for the “23 Destiny Discoverers” post was to pick people from every walk of life to illustrate that anyone can live the life of their dreams. In the upcoming series, my goal is show you how you too, can live the life of your dreams in 3 practical steps you can apply to your life and your personal situation.

Without further ado, I bring you: Part 1 of the Destiny Discoveries’ “3Bs  Method”



I am a huge advocate of blooming where you’re planted. If you’re like me you get great ideas, get really excited and then build it up so big in your head you somehow talk yourself OUT of making any moves.  The idea get’s too big, bigger than you and then start the voices. Oh you don’t have voices? Well I do. They try to tell me “You’re not good enough”, “There isn’t enough time”,  “You’re not a PhD on this topic so just stop while you’re ahead”.  I call these ANTs or Automatic Negative Thoughts and they are just as pesky as the ones that you find outside in trees and under rocks. Thank goodness you can squash those ANTs in your head as quickly as the ones outside. Instead of thinking how are you going to build the million dollar business you just thought up, think, what can I do TODAY to get moving in that direction?

Don’t believe me? Just think of people who now are household names that
have done the same. Legendary actor and Oscar winner Sidney Poitier was told by a casting director that he would be better off becoming a dishwasher than an actor. Sure, the racial climate at the time supported the opinion of the casting director and had Sidney believed him we would never known who he is. Instead of getting frustrated with the circumstances that surrounded him, he went inward, focused on what he had to do, and started right where he was. Had he allowed himself to get overwhelmed with what he had in front of him, he would have paralyzed himself into non-action.

Or what about Oprah? Her meager beginnings did not give promise to the luxurious life she lives now. She grew up poor with conditions that were less than ideal. If she had taken a look around at her desolate circumstance and thought, “what’s the use?” and we would never know who Oprah is. Instead she worked hard at any task she was given, studied hard and moved up in the ranks. I remember Oprah telling a story in an interview about her time with the news station in Tennessee. She said when she was given a story, no matter how small or insignificant, she would research every angle and aspect of the topic until she knew everything there was to know about it. That is such a classic “blooming where you’re planted” mentality. She gave 200% at any task she was given and that is why the world opened up to her. She was giving rock star effort where she was instead of waiting to get there to give that effort.

The secret is that when you give your best at your entry level position, in your hobby or side project, the Universe becomes indebted to you and will start throwing bigger and better opportunities your way. You will continue to bloom in every new circumstance and blossom into a bigger and bolder version of yourself.


Your Turn:

  • In the comment area below, tell me about an area in your life where you can “bloom where you’re planted” today.



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