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The Disconnect & The Solution

February 7th, 2017 | no comments

You have a heart for service, you know you’re on a mission, you’re following your calling, even when it’s scary. 


You know you’re being (divinely) guided to something great, yet there’s a disconnect.


The disconnect is, you’re serving, you’re helping, you’re inspiring and yet, the financial abundance that is supposed to follow isn’t showing up!


What’s up with that?


I realized through my own personal experience and coaching others that there’s a thing called Soul-Centered Service and Soul-Centered Selling. There’s a way to stop the disconnect between giving, giving, giving and not receiving what you deserve.


Later today, I’m hosting a free Masterclass where I talk about how to incorporate Soul-Centered Service (and Selling) seamlessly into your business. The class if free all you have to do is register here.

It’s my pleasure to teach you these things (and SO much more) because it’s my dream that heart-centered, mission-lead, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, like you, are living full, fulfilling and abundant lives, today and every day.


I’ll see you there!



This little concept will change *everything* in your business (for the better)

January 31st, 2017 | no comments

Where is the love? 


I was at a retreat this weekend and then came back to a flurry of crazy updates in the “news”.


In my (heart and) mind I was thinking where is the love?


That reminded me of how this year I’ve revisited a concept deeper that I realize I rarely talk about, so I wanted to share it with you today. The concept I’m referring to is the idea of treating your business as part of your spiritual practice.


What I mean by that is to not compartmentalize your tasks as “work” and instead, acknowledging that everything you do is fueling your work. This is the beginning stages of doing business with heart & soul.


  • When I find myself skipping breakfast ’cause “I have lots do”
  • Or not working out because I’m busy “and there’s just not enough time”
  • Or consider skipping a birthday party because “I’m soooo swamped


I remember that if my work is part of my spiritual practice, those things aren’t taking me way from being productive, they are actually fueling the vessel (ahem, me) that makes this business work and happen in the first place.


  • I need a healthy breakfast to be sharp and nourished
  • I need to work out so those endorphins can keep me upbeat throughout the day
  • I need to be around people in celebration because that’s when I feel like I’m living my best life


That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a business that has heart and soul.


On February 7th, I’m going to be teaching folks like you how to really create a soul-centered business. It’s not just about feeling good it’s about being profitable and being fulfilled. #AMEN


If you’re interested in taking a deep dive with me on the subject, you can register for the free workshop here.


There is always a replay for these events, but I’d love to feel your energy live, so I hope you can make it! I’ll be taking questions throughout so you don’t want to miss the first webinar of the year!


Register here now and I can’t wait to see you there.


P.S. The more the merrier, it’s about creating the world we want to live in. Feel free to cut and paste this link: and spread the word to your friends and your community.

The First Thing You Need To Create The Year of Your Dreams

January 10th, 2017 | no comments

Happy New Year!


How are you feeling now that you’re all snuggled into 2017? If you’re like a lot of people I’ve talked to, you’re feeling a bit anxious, a bit hopeful, and really open to see what the year has in store for you.


While we, of course, can’t guarantee outcomes, we can absolutely influence what we experience this year and the beginning of the year is the BEST time to put all of your manifesting mojo behind what you truly want to experience in your life and business in 2017!


There’s a lot that goes into it, but for today I just want to share with you the first thing you need to create the year of your dreams.


That very first thing you need before your niche, your system or even your website…


…is clarity on your Vision. You need to know WHY you want to create what you’re saying you want to create this year.


Not just a surface reason either, you need to get to the soul of your reason.


Getting clear on your vision is the first process I take my private clients through when we first start working together.


This is the secret to building a business (and life) that leaves you feeling free, fulfilled and financially abundant.


So just take 30 seconds and write down WHY you want to create what you’re hoping to create in 2017.  If you need help with this, stay tuned I’ve been working behind the scenes on something super special for you that will help you out.




If you’d like to help me help you create your best year yet, please fill out this super short survey that will help me create freebies, trainings, and offers that tickle your fancy.


As a thank you to you for filling it out, I’m going to enter your name in a drawing to win a complimentary coaching session with me. Just fill out this questionnaire and you’ll be entered to win.


So your inspired action steps are as follows:

  1. Take 30 seconds and write down Why you want to create what you’re hoping to create in 2017 (feel free to share your “Why” in the comments or send me an email)

  2. Take 3 minutes and complete this questionnaire to be eligible to win a free coaching session with me.

  3. Have a beautiful week, because you deserve it.


Catch ya later,








4 Positive Ways To Ring In A Productive & Prosperous New Year!

December 29th, 2016 | no comments


Everyone’s talking about strategic plans 🙋, goals for the new year and, of course, resolutions. I get it, I have been in strategic planning mode for most of the month of December and setting goals is, like, my favorite topic.


However, some people feel intimidated, deflated or downright uninspired around this time of year.


Is that you?


If you can relate I have 4 ways that you can get juiced for the new year in a way that will start you on the path to a productive and prosperous new year.


  1. Declutter: Out with the old in with the new, as they say. You have to make room for what you’re creating in the new year, even if you don’t know what that is yet. This is important in your physical space, in your mental space and even in your relationships.


Inspired Action Step: Take some time and ask yourself, is this item/relationship/task contributing to my highest good? If it’s not it’s time to clear the decks. Take inventory of your life and clear out the old to bring in the new and good.


  1. Celebrate What You’ve Accomplished: The problem with setting goals for the new year is that it can set you on a path of thinking what’s “not good” in your life right now and what you want to “improve on” in the new year. That’s okay if you’re coming from the right place, but if you’re coming from a place of lack, then you’ll be feeling inadequate all year long striving to improve your life.


Inspired Action Step: What you want to do before you start setting your goals is CELEBRATE what you’ve accomplished already. Maybe it’s all of your wins for 2016 or it can be a celebration of a lifetime of achievements. Whatever you decide, get in the place of celebrating yourself first, THEN you can build on that and set even more inspired goals. See the difference?


  1. Get Sold On Yourself: After having many conversations with my clients about their aspirations for the new year, I know that this step is more important than any other. Now that you’ve celebrated and recognized how awesome you are, it’s time to get sold on yourself. Get anchored in the fact that you rock, that you’re amazing and that you’re truly a unique gift to the world. The deeper you can connect to this Truth, the more everything else will fall into place.


Inspired Action Step: Decide that you’re the bee’s knees and get sold on yourself. This isn’t conceit or arrogance, it’s just an inner knowing that, “hey, I’m pretty darn special”. (Note: I’m the queen of helping people get sold on themselves, so if you get stuck here, reply to this email and I’ll help you out 😊)


  1. Dream Big: Okay, NOW you can make the big plans, set the big goals and dream the impossible dream. Now you’re not coming from a place of lack or a place of feeling small, which truly makes all the difference. Now you’re rooted in how awesome you are, how far you’ve come, and realize the sky’s the limit. This is a much more empowered place to dream, muse and create from and your manifestation mojo is cranked all the way up.


Inspired Action Step: Take some time out, light a candle (preferably this or this #favs) and really think about what you want your life to look like in 2017. Write it down, create a vision board or just talk it out with a trusted friend. Be sure to capture it in some way, so that you can use it as a guiding light and reference as you move through your year.


Bonus: If you’d love some support, strategy (and some soul sister love) to help you achieve your goals in 2017, you can fill out this application to be considered for a spot to work with me one-on-one in the new year!


All of these steps sound pretty simple (well at least until you attempt to declutter your guest room closet 😬 #askmehowIknow) and it’s tempting to just scan this email, nod in agreement and then move on.

I highly encourage you to actually do each of these steps and you will experience a positive shift in your energy, in your emotions and ultimately in your outcomes.


Here’s to a year well done and to a productive and prosperous 2017! 🎉 ✨ 🍾  We made it!!


Sending tons of Love,

Jennifer 🙂

How To Survive the Holidays With Grace

December 23rd, 2016 | no comments

The holidays are a time to get together and connect with your loved ones, however, sometimes that can bring up a lot of old, sometimes painful stuff. Family is unique because they’ve known you forever, they were assigned to you not chosen by you and the rules of common etiquette (ex. “You got SO fat this year!”) doesn’t apply when it comes to family.

Whether your people are typically well behaved or your family is known for being completely out of order, read this Holiday Survival Guide as a way to make it gracefully through the “holi-daze”.


1. Create Your Protective Bubble of Positive Energy

Grab your crystals, do some EFT, burn some incense, get acupuncture, chant, pray, drum circle or whatever you need to do to get your positive energy strong enough to withstand any tidal waves of craziness that could come your way. Seriously! During other times of the year you’re usually around people you have a similar thought base and lifestyle to, however, this is a unique time where all kinds of folks are thrown into the same pot. When you’re energy is solid and in the right place you’ll be able to see the situations for what they are and won’t be as easily irritated by circumstances that arise.


2. Monitor Your Energy

Here’s what to do this holiday season so you don’t loose your cool. Look at your patience like you’re Luigi from Mario Bros (I was always Player 2, what can I say I’m the baby of the family). Keep a check of how much “life” (i.e. patience) you have left, because it’s truly your lifeline. If it’s running low, honor that and step away from the situation and do something from step 1 (above) to get your protective bubble of positive energy back intact. Don’t take this step for granted and “should” all over yourself at the dinner table (ewwww). This isn’t a time to say “I’m a reiki master, I’m a coach, I study this stuff, I shouldn’t be bothered…” Check in with yourself, be honest about what’s coming up and if you’re triggered, get away so you can fill up your tank up again.

3. Spin It and Make It Positive (even if just in your mind)

Instead of thinking of how evil Aunt Gertrude always is (everyone has that one evil aunt right?), instead think of how thankful you are that she is healthy and vibrant enough to be giving everyone a hard time. Or if you have two uncles that constantly get into arguments over nothing, give thanks they are of sound mind and healthy enough to string coherent sentences together, because even though it’s annoying it’s a blessing. It’s not to try to make everything “all good” when it’s not, but, having these little thoughts going on in your head, as you move through your holiday season, will give you a smile on your face when everyone else has a furrowed brow. Warning: you may get some “what’s SHE so happy about”, glares or comments, but just be happy they noticed your positive disposition and keep it pushing (straight to the egg nog).


4. Prep Your Answers, NOW

Is there a specific question, situation or topic you dread may come up? Here’s what you can do to handle that situation: Prep your answers now.

Check out these 4 Ways to Handle Sticky Conversations (and feel free to come up with your own!):


1) Give Just Enough + An Anecdote:  Q: “How’s work going?”, A: “It’s going pretty good, I’ve made friends with the new HR rep and we’ve been going to lunch together, so it’s been a positive couple of months”. Now, we all know they were digging to find out if you’ve finally got that promotion, but by giving the information YOU want to give, they won’t feel starved for information and you can keep your personal business personal.

2) You Be The Asker: Take an active interest in the life of the interrogator OR for every question they ask you, just ask them the same question back, plus ask them a follow up question. “How is work going for YOU, Aunt Gertrude? Oh nice, do you think next year is going to even busier than this year?”. If at any time it’s feels too much like a game of ping-pong OR they are really pressuring you, you can say, “Gosh, this is starting to feel like an interrogation, let’s talk about the ca-razy mid-season finale of “How To Get Away With Murder”, this is a party afterall.”

3) Keep it Real: Family can be pushy and social norms and pleasantries don’t always work with…Evil Aunt Gertrude. So, you’re at total liberty to say, “All conversations about my work/love life/bank account/lifestyle etc. is off limits for the night. I just want to be with you all and enjoy the moment, I’m not really in the mood to talk about ___”. You can even add a “Thanks for understanding”, to really shut it down. If they keep pushing, they’re blatantly pushing your boundaries and being disrespectful and you can (pleasantly or not so pleasantly) say, “I’ve said all I’m going to say about that”, then go get yourself some egg nog!


I don’t want to paint the picture that the holidays are a negative time because they are not, BUT I know it can be anxiety-producing for some people (especially for my zen sistas out there), so I wanted to put together this survival guide for anyone who needs it.

May the Force Be With You & Happy Holidays!!


Big News!! I Quit My Day Job! | The Riveting Conclusion

December 21st, 2016 | no comments

Last week I shared with you the squeal-inducing text I got from one my clients:

“Big News!! I put in my notice at the day job today.

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and even though I knew I wanted to book two more weddings before I made this move… I took a deep breath…and I gave notice with the last day of Dec 23rd.

Then…guess what??? When I got home two weddings were booked and paid!!”

And while that’s super dreamy and I love sharing good news and inspirational stories,  being a Capricorn, I also had to break it down in practical terms for you, so you knew what she did to make it happen. The list got long, so I then had to further break it down into two parts.


So, this week I bring to you the riveting conclusion of what she did to achieve her desired result and how she continues to generate income in her dream business because of our work together + her heart & hustle.


If you didn’t read Part One, you wanna check that out first.
Now, I bring you the rest of the 7 specific steps my client followed to go from day job to dream.


5. She Had Faith:

Faith is a key component and without it, it’s a slower climb. Why? Faith is defined as the substance of thing hoped for, the evidence of things unseen (Hebrews 11:1), which means, you may not see the whole staircase before you take your first step. If you need to see evidence of success before you make your first move, you’ll never make your first move…and thus, won’t ever see your desired result.


6. Took A Calculated Risk:

Now, some describe Faith as “just take the leap and the net will appear” Yikes. Yes, you will have to leap and take steps where the outcome is unknown, but there is a way to stack the odds in your favor.


You see in the text, she gave notice before she had confirmed that two clients were booked and paid. However, she had been doing the work with me to ensure she was in conversations with potential clients and would continue to do the work and get the coaching around what to do next. So was it a risk? Yes, but a smart one.


Taking risks is necessary because it’s an example of your faith in action. When you let the Universe know you’re serious and that you’re making your dreams come true, the Universe will conspire on your behalf and deliver your dreams to your doorstep.


Note:  All the steps I’ve outlined thus far in Part I and II, is exactly how you do that. Get the support you need, take inspired action, have faith that you’re resourceful, do the work and know that no matter what happens you will land on your feet. If you haven’t hired support, gotten clear on your Vision, etc. that opens you up to more risk, than anything else.


7. Made The Three Most Important Investments

This is the unsexy truth. “Making your dreams come true”, like quitting your day job requires a big investment on your part. Though I WISH it was just about creating a vision board and calling it a day, there is so much more to it! To really catapult to the next level, you’re going to have to invest, Time, Money and Energy.


This could be its own post, but I’ll just say this; if you skimp in one of these areas, you won’t see the explosive results I know you desire. At best, it simply means it’s going to be a longer road for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure by omitting one (or heaven forbid all three) of these important factors you’re not taking yourself out of the game completely and postponing your dreams for good. That would be the worst case scenario and really don’t want that!


So that’s your inspiration + information for the day, I really hope it served as a grounded explanation of what it truly takes to materialize and realize the, “I quit my day job” fantasy.


If you’re feeling ready to make this your reality in 2017, I opened up more spots on my calendar for those ready and willing to take action. I’ve enrolled several people just this week and the collective energy has been off the hook. If you’re ready to be surrounded by go-getters like yourself, don’t hesitate to book a time to talk about your 2017 Action Plan.

Sending you all my best,

Big News! I Quit My Day Job!

December 15th, 2016 | 1 comment



This is a text I got from one my of my wonderful clients as I headed out the door for an afternoon jog last week.


“Big News!! I put in my notice at the day job today.

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and even though I knew I wanted to book two more weddings before I made this move… I took a deep breath…and I gave notice with the last day of Dec 23rd.


Then…guess what??? When I got home two weddings were booked and paid!!


Boom! And just like that she went from dreaming of quitting her job to making it her reality.


This isn’t magic, this isn’t internet hype but it’s not rocket science either. My client followed my proven signature system that lead her straight to the path of success.


As, we know, strategy alone, won’t always get you there, which is why support is so important. With that in mind, I wanted to share something with you that would help you no matter where you are in your journey. So, I identified the 7 specific steps she took that helped her reach her goal so swiftly.



Would you like to know the 7  steps she followed to go from day job to dream?


Today I’ll share with you the first four, since the post got long as the information just flowed. (Click here to ensure you’re amongst the first to see next week’s post)


Here are the 7 Specific Steps Of How My Client Went From Day Job to Dream:


  1. Got the Support She Needed:


Her first and best move was hiring me!  Seriously. Where you are in your life and business is only as far as you can go alone. If you’re ready to go to the next level, you have to get the support, knowledge, and expertise from someone who has been there and done it for themselves.


Too many people try to go it alone because they’re are smart, ambitious and determined to make it work, but you can only take yourself so far alone. Anyone you can think of who is great in their field has a coach by their side guiding them to greatness every step of the way. If you’re ready to truly step up and get the support that you need to make your dreams come true, let’s have a chat and see how I can help you.


Note: In all seriousness, I’m not at all attached to who you hire as a coach. My attachment is to that you decided that you will get help and support. No more Lone Wolf Syndrome, no more spinning your wheels, no more going in circles taking more time to “just figure it out” on your own.


Just imagine had you gotten the support you needed this year you could have also quit your day job in 2016, like my clients have. If you’re really ready to make moves, there’s no time like the present!


  1. She Did The Work:


Yes, she got support and also this woman stays in action. She’s getting in front of her potential clients, she’s having conversations, she’s setting up her systems and she’s making sure people know how to hire her! It’s not a magical Instagram algorithm (that has changed again!) it’s simply consistent and aligned action that is a crucial step in this process.


  1. Kept Her Eye On The Prize:


This is why getting clear on your Vision is so important, it’s what I cover in depth in my online course and it’s such a crucial step. You need to know what you want, what’s your end goal and why.  Otherwise, you’re just chasing an idea, or a dollar amount which is totally UNinspiring.


  1. Took Inspired Action:


Inspired action is that action that feels good, it comes from an inspired place. It’s like your typical “to do” but with sprinkles and glitter. An inspired action doesn’t always make sense… it doesn’t always seem like the next linear move. You get inspired action from your gut and it’s  intrinsically tied to your Vision. I help my clients tie their today action with their Vision that they see as far off in the future. When you take inspired action you’re pulled along by your Vision and don’t get confronted with a ton of resistance. #Winning


I’ll share the rest with you next week, but I already hope you’re feeling encouraged and fired up! If you’ve been hemmin’ and hawin’ about diving into a course, hiring a coach or taking things to the next level in your life and business, I’m here to tell you Now.Is.The.Time!! 2016 has been a cra-azy year and the world needs your special gifts, talents and magic! If you don’t know how to bring it out into the world, find someone who can support you with that task.


Repeat after me:

I’m leaving Lone Wolf Syndrome in 2016

I will get support, so I can skyrocket to the next level

The world needs my magic and I promise not to shrink or hide out anymore


Well done! If you need help getting clear on your next best step, connect with me, so we can create your 2017 Action Plan!


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.36.45 PM






P.S. Stay tuned next week for Part II where I share the remaining steps!

The One Where I Share My Secrets On How To Gain Clients, Confidence & Community

December 12th, 2016 | no comments

OMG, I’m super excited!

I have something I’ve been wanting to share with you for awhile.

I’ve put together a little something where I spill the beans about:

  • How the blindspots in my business were revealed to me and how it resulted in increased money, visibility and opportunities
  • The #1 thing I was missing in my life that was causing me stress, isolation and overwhelm
  • How I took my biggest fear and made it a springboard to success
  • How YOU can do the same + acheive more than you can even conceive of right now!


If you’re all, “YES TELL ME MORE”, you’re in luck, my friend.

I got my smart savvy #GirlBosses together to break it all the way down.


Introducing, ‘ducing, ‘ducing….

From Strangers To Sisters!


From Strangers to Sisters is a complimentary online discussion (think: training + open forum) on how you can get your #GirlSquadOfSupport together for 2017.

The truth is, Lone Wolf Syndrome can only get you so far, and it’s a long and isolating road.


During this online event, you’ll learn the power of partnership and community. We’re going to give you powerful practical ways to create a solid support system that will result in clients, confidence, and community, like it did for me!


In this training:

  • We’ll cover the six specific elements you need to create a solid + supportive Mastermind


  • We’ll share the #1 thing you need for this all to work, plus why so many fail at making it happen


  • We’ll walk you through why your Mastermind isn’t working right now, or if you’re not in one, exactly what to look for before joining a group (hint: this won’t cost you a dime)


  • You’ll learn how to attract the right people to your circle if you’re creating your own group


  • You’ll get the inside scoop on how Oprah and Marie Forleo brought us together


  • We’ll get real about #CommunityOverCompetition and how to make it work for you and your business


  • We’ll break down the power of partnership +  how you can go from Strangers to Sisters in a matter of months (so it’s okay if you don’t know anyone right now)


  • You’ll find out how our Mastermind has given us results in our lives and business that would not have been possible otherwise (this is where you’ll realize how much MORE you could be getting out of your life experience!)


If you think this isn’t for you, I’d caution you to reconsider.

I’ll admit, in the past, the idea of having a Mastermind group sounded okay, but not all that important.

Now that I’ve found the right women to support me and my dreams, in a strong collective, I now know,screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-10-56-17-am  having your #GirlSquadOfSisters is non-negotiable when it comes to your business.

This isn’t your traditional webinar, this is an online chat where you get to ask us ANYTHING you want. When you attend live you’ll get to actually throw out any fears, concerns or questions you have around forming your own support system.

I’ve benefitted SO much from my Mastermind group that I want to give back (‘tis the season) and share this with you.

Please, join us if you want to learn more or if you’re simply interested in having a virtual chat about community. Right now we need to support one another more than ever, so I hope you’ll accept this invitation from my heart to yours.

Can’t wait to see you there!



Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.04.40 PM


How To Achieve Your Next Level Of Greatness

December 6th, 2016 | no comments

Happy December! I hope your month is off to a great start and you’re already dreaming and scheming for 2017.

I wanted to breeze by with a helpful nugget for you that will 10x your efforts and results, no joke.

But first, a story.

This year for the first time my Hubby and I hosted a Friendsgiving event.screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-10-55-08-am
It was a TON of fun and it always feels great to fill our home with love, fun and laughter. At the event, my cousin and I were talking about our new FitBits and I was showing him how I had surpassed my 10,000 steps that day
(and feeling super proud of myself).

He’s like “that’s cool and all, but you have all your goals set at the standard level” — I was like, “10,000 steps is the recommended amount of steps you should get in a day!”, his response was, “Sure that’s the recommended level on average but are you really striving for average? That’s not your style.” 


Accepting his challenge I bumped my goal up to 11,000 steps a day (because I already often struggle to get all of my steps at the 10K level! #HiIWorkFromHome) I felt kind of sheepish at first, because I wasn’t sure if  adding 1,000 steps was really a big deal.

It turns out it was.

Ever since I turned up the dial on my steps I’ve been surpassing my goal in leaps and bounds! I make sure I go to the lake and get in my walk, I do a long walk on the weekend, even when I take my calls, I head out the door to get my steps in.

Now, what does my FitBit life have to do with you!?


I wouldn’t have made that change if it wasn’t for the support + challenge from my cousin. It took an outsider that saw greatness in me to push me to do what I could do all along.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today.

Right now, you’re in your corner, journaling, vision boarding and planning for your 2017.

My question to you is, who is there in your corner with you pushing you to your next level of greatness?  You see, by default we put limits on ourselves because, “who am I to be great?” – but as Marianne Williamson so powerfully rebuts — “Who are you not to be?”

By allowing yourself to be seen and supported you can create the year of your dreams in 2017!

Here are two resources that have helped me along my journey:

  1. An Accountability Partner
  2. A Mastermind Group

An Accountability Partner is a peer who is in your industry who holds you accountable to your goals. She (or he) is someone you can share your aspirations with, and they have permission to call you out and make sure you’re performing at your highest potential.

If you want to know where you can find an accountability partner, my sista, Master Coach Aché can totally help you out! She’s conducting a 21-Day Challenge that’s going to help you get ready for the New Year in a Powerful way.

By signing up for this free 21-Day Challenge you’ll have the chance to attend the most incredible, powerful, uplifting (and confronting) webinars happening on the interwebs right now, (no hyperbole)!

I’ve been attending every Monday and they are truly life-changing events! In addition, Aché is matching you up with your very own Accountability Partner so you want to take full advantage of this opportunity! You get a Plan + a Partner for free, what could be better than that? Please, don’t go into 2017 without someone in your corner who holds you accountable to shine bright and be great!

To really ramp up your results, you really want to get yourself into a Mastermind Group as well! The benefits of having a Mastermind Group is truly a huge topic. I’ve seen exponential growth in my life andscreen-shot-2016-12-06-at-10-56-17-am business once I connected with the right people to support my vision.

That’s the thing, there is an art and science to Mastermind Groups, which is why I’m co-hosting an incredible online event about how to create a Mastermind Group that works for YOU!

If you’ve claimed 2017 is YOUR year from massive Growth, Change & positive Results, you cannot miss this event that’s going down next week.

If you’ve claimed 2017 is YOUR year from massive Growth, Change & positive Results, you cannot miss this event that’s going down next week.

Registration is free, but make no mistake, this event is going to be loaded with actionable information. Come ready with your attention sharp and be open and eager to learn!

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What big goals are you hoping to achieve in 2017?! Please comment below and share, I just may have something to give you that can help accelerate you along your path!

Cheers to finishing strong and planning for greatness,

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.36.45 PM

In Gratitude

November 24th, 2016 | no comments
No matter where you reside in the world, this time of year brings about the theme of gratitude and allows us to take a moment to reflect on our blessings.

So, I wanted to take this time out to say THANK YOU to you for reading these words and all the words I’ve sent out in the past. I really do what I do because of you and I am able to keep on keepin’ on because of your responses, your support, and enthusiasm. It is truly a gift to have you in my world, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To show my gratitude I added a few more spots on my calendar to help you develop your 2017 Action Plan! Folks who have taken me up on this offer have had a blast and gotten so much clarity. It’s truly a no-strings-attached conversation and it’s my pleasure to connect with dynamic, ambitious, heart-centered people like you! If you’d like to see if you can still snag a spot, click here and sign-up, it’s totally f*ree!

Lastly, I want to wish you well wherever this note finds you and I pray for all the best in your world. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday this week or just being  in a state of gratitude, be sure to light a candle or send up a prayer for those in less fortunate situations. This year has been riddled with gun violence, injustice and unfair treatment that has led to death in many cases. So let’s be mindful of those who may be starting this holiday season without their loved ones who are gone too soon.

If you’re reading this I know you have a mission in your heart which is exactly why it’s SO important you bring it out in the world, now. We need you more now than ever and if you need help, let’s connect and see how we can create a positive ripple effect of change!

From my heart to yours,