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How to Gracefully Expect the Unexpected

February 2nd, 2016 | no comments

Got your 30 Day Plan?
Embrace the 12 Week Year!
10X your success!
Pick your word for 2016!

This is what your inbox has been filled with pretty much since October, right?
It was all about Make Your Plan and Work Your Plan wasn’t it?

Have you ever heard the Yiddish saying, “We Plan & God Laughs”

Well that statement epitomized my January.

I had my 1 year plan, 6 month plan and a very detailed 3 month plan all mapped out (pretty much down to daily tasks and execution).

Then almost immediately, the unexpected happened.
On the positive side a flood of well-paying cutting edge opportunities and partnerships came to me in a myriad of ways that I hadn’t planned on.

Though it threw me off center at first, I said “yes” to these opportunities because I saw that while they didn’t look like what I had planned, they were just an alternate route to my ultimate goals I had set.

Life is funny that way.

Then the unexpected struck again.
This time it was in the form of a family emergency that found me in Louisiana for the past two weeks. It was a tough heart-breaking time that I’m still recovering from.

Thank God for family, friends and a thriving location independent business that allowed me to be by fiancé’s side when he needed me most.

What’s my point?
On January 1st I never could have imagined what my January 31st was going to look like. Maybe you can relate and feel thrown off because things so far don’t look the way you thought they would when you were making your 2016 plans.

That’s why they say expect the unexpected, but boy is that easier said then done. If your January didn’t end up the way you thought it might I’m sharing with you secrets on how to gracefully expect the unexpected and move through adversity, challenges and unexpected opportunities like the amazing woman you are!

1. Have a Plan: Did you think I was going to say throw your plans out the window because you never know what’s going to happen? No, that’s not the way to expect the unexpected. You gotta make a plan because you need to know what direction you’re headed in and what steps will get you there.

Like a GPS you gotta know where you are and where you’re going and the path that will lead you there. Do detours pop up? Yes. Do you sometimes have to reroute your course? Absolutely. But imagine how lost you’d be without a plan in place at all. By having a plan in place when both the positive and not positive unexpected events unfolded in my life, I was able to simply shift some things around versus having to start from scratch and re-invent the wheel. Save your energy by making a plan, staying flexible and re-route your course if need be.

2. Examine the Path: When the unexpected occurs without a doubt you’ll feel thrown off course. However once the dust has settled take a look at what you’re left with. Maybe you’re on the path to your desired outcome it just looks way different than what you thought. When my grandma passed away this time last year that threw me off and made it glaringly clear I needed more leveraged options in my business. It wasn’t what I had planned to create but once I could see clearly, it moved me to step in a different, yet more beneficial direction that helped me reach my ultimate goal.

This January again I see that my 1:1 time is truly at a premium and that group workshops, events and group coaching are where my focus is going and only select few will be able to work with me 1:1. (If you know you need laser focused 1:1 coaching from me, click here so we can chat about how I can support you, space is super limited so act fast), my ultimate goal is still the same, and I can absolutely achieve it, the path I’m taking to get there, however is going to be different than what I thought it would be.

3. Communicate/Ask: During this crazy time it was imperative to keep the lines of communication open and let people know what was going on with me. Folks are so understanding and love to support you in any way they can. Which is why I also want to highlight the important of ASKING for what you need. Though I asked for a lot of support, I may have to give myself a B- overall because I could have asked more. Can you relate? Women typically have no problem showing up for others but don’t tend to ask for support when they need it. Let’s make a commitment to over-ask the next time we find ourselves in a place where we could use some support.

4. Re-Group: Once the dust settled a bit it’s time to regroup. Examine the path, make your phone calls, update your peeps and set up your new plan of action. Life pushes us forward whether we’re ready or not, so just keep on keepin’ on!

5. Practice Self-Care: Self Care is essential. You gotta fill your battery up. Changing course, pivoting and enduring the changes all dip into your energy reserves. It’s uber important to recharge your batteries, as soon as you can so you don’t burn out and end up depleted and exhausted. Take the time you need. It’s not a luxury, it’s essential!

6. Gratitude: Be grateful for the surprises, be grateful for unexpected, be grateful for your new plan and your new path. Give thanks for all the ways you can communicate and be grateful for the ability to re-group and focus on your self-care. Be grateful for the good and for what seems like not so great. If you truly believe everything is happening for your Highest Good, it makes it easier to be thankful even during the tough times. By giving thanks for what’s in front of you (the good, the bad and otherwise) you’ll begin to experience more of what you want which will help you get back on track, fast.

You totally got this, and if you need support (drop me line) and we’ll figure out the best next steps for you moving forward. (Note: if my calendar is full, keep checking back, spaces will open up soon)

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What’s Your GPA?

January 19th, 2016 | no comments

The world is made up of few different people


Those who set the best goals by dreaming up something wonderful to do some day, but they don’t make a plan and they never take action on those goals…


Those who are always running and gunning. Who get inspired and take action, but never really have a plan in place or a goal to guide them to where they are really going. These people are often busy being busy but don’t see results….


Then there are people who do neither, no goals, no action all talk usually…


Then there are those who take time to set a goal, take the time to make a plan and then take action and follow through …if that’s not you now, that’s gonna be you by the end of this series!


Why Setting a Goal and Following Through is Important

Setting a goal and following through is important because one is ineffective without the other.

It’s awesome and amazing to dream a dream and set a goal. It’s like a GPS system, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. Not only that, if you don’t have an end goal in mind, how will you ever know you’ve arrived or that you’ve reached it? You may think that’s totally obvious, but people set out on a mission every day, not really even knowing where they are going.

On the flip side, if you’re taking a lot of action but it’s all willy-nilly, again, you’re not going to see results, you’re going to exhaust yourself, burn out and eventually quit. So the combination of Goal Setting + Action Plan + Taking Action is one that’s not to be skipped over.


That’s why we’re looking at your GPA over the next several weeks.

Your GPA is your Goal + Plan + Action

So let’s get really dig in and talk about the first part of your GPA… Your GOALS



The Definition of Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Napoleon Hill defines a goal as “a dream with a deadline” (we like this definition)

The definition of a goal isn’t nearly as important as WHY you need goals:

Goals keep you on track, like I mentioned before they act as a GPS. When you get in your car and map out your route. You have to put your destination in and you start from your current location. Your Goal works the same way – the only way to see what route you need to take is by setting the Goal and then working backwards.

Some people shy away from setting a goal, “because what if something comes up, what if things change?” And my response is there’s not a “What if” about it — things absolutely come up, things will always change and shift. But the same way you take detours, get off on a different highway exit and still find your way, and continue to use your GPS, the same concept applies here.

Just because circumstances are subject to change is not a valid reason to not set a goal in the first place. Course correction is also part of the process, but staying stagnant or conversely, running around aimlessly without direction are infinitely more detrimental than simply course correcting. So let’s agree no matter what happens along the journey, setting a goal is paramount to your success.
So that’s your inspired action step for the week. If you’ve been feeling resistant to all this New Year, New You stuff… or maybe up to this point you’ve said, “goal setting isn’t for me”, I hope now you see how important it is and you can set a goal for yourself today.

Make it a 30 day or a 60 day goal and I’d love to hear about if you’re down to share in the comments. I’m proud of you for taking this first step and soon we’ll talk about the second part of your GPA!

Have a great week,

Jennifer :)

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Is Being Too Smart Keeping You From Your Dreams?

January 14th, 2016 | no comments

Pictures of planners, calendars with post-its sprinkled this way and that. Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.40.56 AM

Monthly goals, weekly, goals, daily goals. SMART Goals.

January is a happy, goal-setting month for most, but for some that can feel like a drag.

For creative visionaries, like you, sometimes all that granular planning makes you feel stuck, uninspired and bored.

You know you have to make a plan, but does that mean it has to feel like you’re back in school with a ton of rules to follow?

I’m here to tell you it.does.not!
Yes, SMART goals are crucial, but here’s what you can use first to make it fun again. (Warning, the name isn’t so PC, but the concept rock solid!)


Have you heard of DUMB Goals? While I don’t love the word “dumb” and if you’re like me, please don’t be offended. It’s just a harmless little acronym and I’m going to break down what each actuslly letter represents.

D.U.M.B. goals represent that step you take before you even think about your SMART goals and are really important to take into consideration.*

Let’s break it down to the ground, shall we?

So the D stands for Dream Driven

Consider what ideas or visions you can muster that are beyond your immediate comprehension. What can you dream up that’s big, larger than life? This is all about drumming up your big audacious dream or your hairy scary goal. This is all about claiming the impossible. It’s sailing around the world, when it was thought to be flat. It’s having the idea to send a man to the moon even though the technology to do so didn’t yet exist. You see, the idea, the audacious dream has to happen first before the innovation, miracles and magic can happen. So what do you dream up when you really let yourself dream the impossible dream? So exciting, right?


Next the U stands for Uplifting

Whatever your goal is, make it uplifting and make sure it lights you up. Just like you do with affirmations, you want to state your goal in a positive way. Pose it in a way that is uber attractive to you. Instead of setting the goal to “stop hanging around emotional vampires”, instead say, “I now surround myself with supportive individuals who believe in my mission, my abilities and my goals”. Now that’s uplifting!


The stands for Method-Friendly 

The idea behind method friendly is that you can create practices around and toward reaching the Dream Driven goal you identified in step one. What could you do in your everyday life that you create a practice or ritual around? For example. If you want to feel more confident maybe you practice eradicating negative and critical thoughts of others. If you tend to be hyper critical of others guarantee you’re 100X worse to yourself. You’ll find that if you develop a practice of being less critical of others it will actually boost your own self-esteem. Once you create a practice around that, it will become second nature to you.


is for Behavior Driven 

To further help you in your practice, you can create triggers around the behaviors you want manifest in your life (like being less critical, for example). One of the best behavior driven triggers to create as an entrepreneur is creating a morning ritual. For example, every morning when you wake up, drink a glass of lemon water, meditate for 30 minutes to an hour and write down your goals for the day. It’s the same thing every day and the trigger is your alarm clock going off. This is how you habitualize your behaviors that support your big Dream Driven Goal.

So that’s how you can create D.U.M.B. goals to support your vision or your big dream. What can you do to incorporate some D.U.M.B. goal methods into your everyday life?

Want even more help in create your dreams for 2016? Enter your name and email so you never miss out on this pertinent information!

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*idea inspired by  Brendon Burchard



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Some Things Change & Some Things Stay The Same

January 7th, 2016 | no comments

Happy 2016!!

I stumbled upon my very first post when I FIRST started my blog,  back in 2012.Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.53.42 AM


I received my coaching certification in 2008 and only got the clue to start a blog in 2012 to talk about the things I’ve learned along my path as a coach. I remember living in my little studio apartment on the beach in Ecuador and  staying up till 4:00 am creating content for my blog.


This was my first blog post EVER, followed by my round-up post (which still is still one the most visited articles on my site).


I was delighted to see that the manifesto (that took me hours to create on Paintbush (hey, I didn’t know any better) still holds the heart and soul of what this online dwelling is all about.


As I reflect up on 2015 and look forward to this new year, it’s good to see that not all of it has to go. The things that make you YOU to the core, travel with you year to year. At the same, time you have the power, the choice and the agency to choose what in your life no longer serves you. You can decide right now, that it was cool in 2015, but that’s not longer how you roll in 2016.


It’s all your choice and that is SUCH a beautiful thing.
So what are you choosing to keep in 2015 and what gets to stay in 2016?


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Your 2015 Holiday Survival Guide

December 23rd, 2015 | no comments

The holidays are a time to get together and connect with your loved ones, however, sometimes that can bring up a lot of old, sometimes painful stuff. Family is unique because they’ve known you forever, they were assigned to you not chosen by you and the rules of common etiquette (ex. “You got SO fat this year!”) doesn’t apply when it comes to family.


So whether your people are typically well behaved or your family is known for being completely out of order, read this Holiday Survival Guide as a way to make it gracefully through the holidays.


1. Create Your Protective Bubble of Positive Energy

Grab your crystals, do some EFT, burn some incense, get acupuncture, chant, pray, drum circle or whatever you need to do to get your positive energy strong enough to withstand any tidal waves of craziness that could come your way. Seriously! During other times of the year you’re usually around people you have a similar thought base and lifestyle to, however, this is a unique time where all kinds of folks are thrown into the same pot. When you’re energy is solid and in the right place you’ll be able to see the situations for what they are and won’t be as easily irritated by circumstances that arise.


2. Monitor Your Energy

See, this is what I should have done on Thanksgiving. I definitely lost my patience with a family member and in review of how I could have showed up better, the signs of my resolve being chipped away were all there. Here’s what to do this holiday season so you don’t loose your cool. Look at your patience like you’re Luigi from Mario Bros (I was always Player 2, what can I say I’m the baby of the family). Keep a check of how much “life” (i.e. patience) you have left, because it’s truly your lifeline. If it’s running low, honor that and step away from the situation and do something from step 1 (above) to get your protective bubble of positive energy back intact.

3. Spin It and Make It Positive (even if just in your mind)

Instead of thinking of how evil Aunt Gertrude always is (everyone has that one evil aunt right?), instead think of how thankful you are that she is healthy and vibrant enough to be giving everyone a hard time. Or if you have two uncles that constantly get into arguments over nothing, give thanks they are of sound mind and healthy enough to string coherent sentences together, because even though it’s annoying it’s a blessing. It’s not to try to make everything “all good” when it’s not, but, having these little thoughts going on in your head, as you move through your holiday season, will give you a smile on your face when everyone else has a furrowed brow. Warning: you may get some “what’s SHE so happy about”, glares or comments, but just be happy they noticex your positive disposition and keep it pushing (straight to the eggnog).


4. Prep Your Answers, NOW

Is there a specific question, situation or topic you dread may come up? Here’s what you can do to handle that situation: prep your answers now. Check out these 4 Ways to Handle Sticky Conversations (and feel free to come up with your own!):


1) Give Just Enough + An Anecdote:  Q: “How’s work going?”, A: “It’s going pretty good, I’ve made friends with the new HR rep and we’ve been going to lunch together, so it’s been a positive couple of months”. Now, we all know they were digging to find out if you’ve finally got that promotion, but by giving the information YOU want to give, they won’t feel starved for information and you can keep your personal business personal.

2) You Be The Asker: Take an active interest in the life of the interrogator OR for every question they ask you, just ask them the same question back, plus ask them a follow up question. “How is work going for you? Oh nice, do you think next year is going to even busier than this year?”. If at any time it’s feels too much like a game of ping-pong OR they are really pressuring you, you can say, “Gosh, this is starting to feel like an interrogation, let’s talk about the ca-razy mid-season finale of “How To Get Away With Murder” ,this is a party afterall.”

3) Keep it Real: Family can be pushy and social norms and pleasantries don’t always work with…Evil Aunt Gertrude. So, you’re at total liberty to say, “All conversations about my work/love life/bank account/lifestyle etc. is off limits for the night. I just want to be with you all and enjoy the moment, I’m not really in the mood to talk about ___”. You can even add a “Thanks for understanding”, to really shut it down. If they keep pushing, they’re blatantly pushing your boundaries and being disrespectful and you can (pleasantly or not so pleasantly) say, “I’ve said all I’m going to say about that”, then go get yourself some egg nog!


I don’t want to paint the picture that the holidays are a negative time because they are not, BUT I know it can be anxiety-producing for some people, so I wanted to put together this survival guide for anyone who needs it.

May the Force Be With You & Happy Holidays!!


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What’s Your Word For 2016?

December 17th, 2015 | no comments

As 2015 comes to a close, a lot of us are in Intention Setting mode for 2016.

Intention setting for the new year is great because it’s the first step in really figuring out what you want to manifest in 2016.

One way to do this is to pick a word that represents your ideas, your energy or your goals for the entire new year.

Do you want to ‘blossom’ (like a fellow dreamer shared in the Facebook group) or do you want to 10X like me? You can’t go wrong with this exercise.

Check out the video below and then leave your word for 2016 in the comments below!


Your turn:

What is your word for 2016 and Why?

For more insights and information on how to make your year the best ever, enter your name and email below and you’ll get regular updates on how to level up your life and business.

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Tools of the Trade

November 20th, 2015 | no comments

Here’s what I use to keep this operation running like a well-oiled (profitable) machine 😉


 I get my hosting through BlueHost and I recommend them to EVERYONE!

Customer service is SUCH a big deal to me (espeically when it has to do with any thing technical). BlueHost has saved my tail on a number of  occassions and for that reason I’ll never leave them!

When I was living in Ecuador their chat feature saved my life and I was actually able to DIY my website in thos early years. I can’t recommend BlueHost enough.

If you sign-up through this page (just the icon on the left) you get a free website set-up session with me!)*


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.31.18 AM

Oh WebinarJam, how I love thee! Webinars are absolutely how I grew my list and my business in 2014. Again, I’m not tech savvy (#commonthread) and WebinarJam, not only makes it easier to host an online training live, they make you look pro and in control.

Also, their customer service is SO on point and ready to assist you at a drop of a hat. I don’t know about you but my tech meltdowns happen moments before I’m going live!

I’ve helped my fellow entrepreneur friends with other webinar platforms and they are SO complicated. I haven’t come across anything as powerful and easy as WebinarJam.

If you decide to sign-up for WebinarJam, go through my site and you get a free set-up session with me!*


*indicate affiliate associations which means, if you purchase through my link, I gain a little commission and you gain additional support from me!

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Keep This in Mind When You Feel Ineffective & Small

November 18th, 2015 | no comments

It’s overwhelming isn’t? When the negativity and injustices of the world seem to take over? It makes you feel so helpless, so ineffective.

So small.

You want to make a difference in the world, but sometimes that can feel hard.

The whole reason you want to start your business is because you want a better life for yourself and you want to create a better, more loving world.

Yet, it’s times like these you may be saying to yourself, “What’s the point, is it even worth it?”

Your soul screams out, “I’m just one person, how can I create change!?”

Well you may feel small and ineffective now, but that’s not where the story ends.

Take the Reedwood tree seed for example. Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.29.02 AM

Redwood seeds are small. They are so small it takes 1 MILLION of them to weigh 8lbs!!!

Like the Redwood seed, you may feel like your voice, your idea, your vision, your message, is small…teeny-tiny small…not-so-important, minuscule, ineffective and meek…small.

But let me tell you, just like the Reedwood seed, your destiny is to grow your idea, your vision, your message, your dream business, to be a big, tall, strong tree, one that lasts lifetimes.

You’re here to be seen, heard, make an impact and leave a legacy and you can totally do it! I know that sounds big now, but just imagine telling a Redwood seed that it’s destiny is to become the tallest tree in the forest.Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.32.22 AM It seems monumental to the seedling, but the Universe knows, when left in the right environment that seed can’t help but grow into something awe inspiring. Why? (and I want you to pay close attention to this part) Because the magic that it takes to turn that seed into that tree, was in the seed all along. Like that seed, the potential to do what it is you’re dreaming of doing, is already within you.


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.43.51 AMIn addition to that… It’s not only your destiny, but it’s your duty to bring it out into the world. To plant it, water it and allow it to grow. Because if you don’t, there will never be a chance again for all eternity of the world to experience it. Seriously.Someone right now is praying for the solution you provide,for the beauty you bring, for the talent you have. To suppress it would mean to steal it away from the rest of the world” and you don’t want to do that do you? I didn’t think so.

So what action step will you take today to keep moving forward on your mission? (Hint: one thing you can do is join me for tonight’s virtual training: )

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Why Going The Extra Mile, Isn’t Just A Cliché

November 10th, 2015 | no comments

On a scale of 1-10 how sick are you of reading about how it’s November and the year is almost over?


I know it elicits panic and feelings like, “oh em gee, time has officially run out!”


I get it, I have had those thoughts too, but I want to share an experience with you that may not make it sound so…”end-of-days”.


Just about every morning I walk around the lake by my house. It’s a 3-mile circumference and provides a great workout for me. Lately, I’ve been trying to get my run on, well, more like, jog on. I can pretty much jog about 30% of the way…if that!


Well, my sweetie and I are doing a fast right now and when we do fasts we like to set intentions and goals. One of my goals was to DOUBLE my distance around that lake, as in go around the sucker, twice!


Great no big deal, but something interesting has happened as a result. I still set out to get my jog, on even though I know I’ll be walking most of the way. But guess what, I STILL run about 30% of the way even though I’m now going 6 miles instead of 3. I find that I can run longer than I normally do because I’ve set the bar higher. I don’t come near reaching 6 miles, but I do run more of those 3 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.29.04 AM

It got me thinking of all this end of the year hype. Some of my clients are in, “I’ve got 60 days to make my goals come true, lets.make it.happen” mode, but some of my clients are like, “what’s the point, it’s the end of the year and everyone’s checked out”. Just because you think people are checkout doesn’t mean you should check out too!


What if, instead of thinking about qutting/winding down/checking out of 2015 on Thanksgiving Day (I know you were thinking that), why not stretch your sights to December 31st, and go full steam until then?


It doesn’t mean burn out or go extra hard, it just means keep a steady pace and don’t throw your hands up in defeat next week. You’ll be surprised how much you accomplish just by setting the bar a bit higher. You may not reach the new bar you set, like I’m nowhere near running a full 6 miles, BUT you’re more likely to reach your goals, just like I can run way closer to 3 miles when I think I have 6 miles to go, get it?


So what’s a goal you’re going to make, or just stick with until December 31st? Let me know in the comments below.


If you need help making a plan to make it all happen you definitely want to join my webinar happening next week. We’re talking business and marketing plans for sure, but trust, we’ll be going of Goal Setting 101 as well, so if you need a spark of encouragement + some practical tools to keep you on course, go to: and register for the class!


See you there!

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What You Don’t Have That’s Keeping You From Getting What You Want

November 3rd, 2015 | 5 comments

You say your affirmations

You do your mirror work

You pour over blogs

You listen to webinars at your desk

You say you want to start your “own thing”

You’re ready to transition out of your current position.

But for some reason you feel like you’re on a treadmill and not making any real progress.


What’s up with that?


Well, I’ll tell you. It’s not that you’re doing the wrong things. That’s not the issue, all of your actions are great and will propel you forward.

However, there’s one action you’re missing that’s going to make or break your success.


What you need to do, to get what you want is to Make Space, for what you want.


Right now, you’re rolling along in your life, wanting something new, but you haven’t yet created space for what you want.


If you want to sign on 3 new clients this month, have you created space in your calendar for them?


Have you mapped out when you’re going to meet with them each month?


If you want to have more time to research online marketing, coaching or putting together your own webinar, what time of day have you dedicated to doing that work? As you may have found, “when I have some extra time”, really isn’t a location on your calendar.


“When I have extra time” is like the Isla de Muerta from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. “It’s an island that cannot be found except by those who already know where it is”. If, “when I have extra time” is an island that has worked out for you, then you’ve found the hidden treasure.


For the rest of the population, you have to MAKE time and MAKE space for what it is you desire.


So what is that you’ve been trying to manifest in our life that hasn’t been coming to fruition just yet? Where in your life can you make space for what it is you desire?


Let me know in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.





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