Rebels. Dreamers.  Luminaries.

You’re a womenpreneur with a wondrous message. You’re talented. Smart. Kind-hearted. And totally awe-worthy.

Your only problem? You don’t know what moves to make to transform this world-changing vision-in-your-head into a real-live-business-in-the-flesh.

And if you’ve got your own business already (Hi!), you just don’t know where the heck to focus next to cast a wider net and make a larger impact.

Well, I’ve got news.

You can make a massive impact in this world through your business…even if you feel stuck right now.

You can make your ethereal dream a real-ity…even if action isn’t exactly your forte.

Why? Because your vision matters.

I’m Jennifer Covington, change catalyst + right hand woman for female entrepreneurs with serious spirit.  And I gotta tell ya: I never met a woman with a vision I didn’t like…or who I couldn’t help take over the world.

Sound like your kinda thing? Drop me a line, and so we can chat about taking over the world (in a good way 😉 )

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